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May 22, 1844 - June 14, 1926. Was an American painter.

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56998 Armored train gino severini Armored train mk250 Year in 1915. Oil on canvas. 116.8 x 86.7 cm. Cai Dressler collection in New York.
68040 boulevarden gino severini boulevarden se
56467 le nord sub gino severini le nord sub mk247 c.1913,oil on canvas,19.25x25.25 in,49x64 cm,pinacoteca di brera,milan,ltaly

gino severini
gino severini (1883 to 1966),Italian painter, mosaicist, stage designer and writer. One of the principal exponents of Futurism, he was an important link between French and Italian art. Although his most historically significant works were produced before World War I, he had a long career during which he continued to evolve his style, particularly in abstract schemes.
Mary Cassatt
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