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May 22, 1844 - June 14, 1926. Was an American painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
52538 Dublures of Characters James Gillray Dublures of Characters 1798 Etching and engraving, 235 x 327 mm
44573 Melpomene James Gillray Melpomene mk173 1784 Engraving 33x24.5cm
43969 Sin, Death and the Devil James Gillray Sin, Death and the Devil 319 x 399 mm
62535 The Blood of the Murdered Crying for Vengeance James Gillray The Blood of the Murdered Crying for Vengeance 1793 Etching New College, Oxford University, Oxford When the news of the execution of Louis XVI in Paris arrived in London, even the liberal supporters of the Revolution changed their opinion and felt that anarchy and violence replaced the ideals of freedom and equality. Author: GILLRAY, James Title: The Blood of the Murdered Crying for Vengeance Form: graphics , 1751-1800 , English , other
35378 The Genius of France triumphant James Gillray The Genius of France triumphant mk102 1795

James Gillray
English Illustrator, 1757-1815 English caricaturist and illustrator. He was essentially self-trained although he studied at the Royal Academy and on the Continent. His caricatures of the court of George III made him immensely popular. His masterly delineations, vigorous, clever, often subtle, sometimes vulgar and grotesque, numbered more than 12,000. Among his best-known cartoons are A New Way to Pay the National Debt (1796), Social Elements in Skating (1805),
Mary Cassatt
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